The BSI hereby declares that the personal data and information submitted won't be used for anything else but in connection with the competition You may enter for. BSI strictly observes the pertinent regulations of the Hungarian Civil Code and the Act of LXIII. on Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of General Interest (Ppd.).

BSI takes all necessary steps in order to prevent the submitted data from unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, publication, deletion, elimination, accidental destruction and damage, since any kind of manipulation of the submitted data is considered as a violation of the legitimate data management. Submitted data will not be transmitted to unauthorized third party.

Storage period of the submitted data is altering individually in virtue of the requirement of the legitimate purpose regarding the data management. Once storage of the data has become needless in regard to the purpose of data management, the data will be deleted.

We hereby inform You in addition, the BSI is a data controller registered by the ombudsman according to Ppd.
Number of registry: 01389-0001